The project aims at setting up a cooperation framework between European schools in order to raise the quality of the educational processes, focusing on the field of modern teaching strategies, innovative learning ways and environments and pedagogical instruments of developing pupils’ literacy skills.

The project creates opportunities of sharing good practice examples of teaching/learning and assessment techniques of pupils’ reading and writing, text comprehension (poetry) and critical thinking abilities, among teachers and pupils across Europe.

The topic is common and relevant to all European partner countries, expressing our mutual interest in continuously improving strategies of modern teaching, especially of literature texts (poems), rendering them more accessible to pupils, proposing challenging learning environments and experiences (outdoor , library , ICT classes) and encouraging pupils’ creativity and artistic expressivity in cross-curricular activities (art, writing, drawing).

The project objectives are to promote cooperation among pupils and teachers across Europe in order to develop efficient and challenging approaches to enhancing pupils’ literacy skills, to develop intercultural knowledge and linguistic competences, civic and artistic skills among pupils, to enhance pupils’ creativity and imagination, motivation for learning and school performances, in curricular and cross-curricular learning contexts, in formal, non-formal and informal environments.

Pupils( target group- aged 12-15) do all the project’s activities, in management actions, to contests in setting up the project’s logo, website, research, translations, analysis and interpretations of literary texts, participation in workshops, clubs, issuing final products and valorisation and dissemination.

The objectives of the present partnership are as follows:

-to develop a common European framework of teaching/ learning/ assessing innovative strategies of developing lower- secondary students’ literacy skills

-to promote constructive exchange of good practices and learning experiences in pedagogical and management issues of students’ literacy skills

 -to facilitate extended intercultural knowledge for both pupils and teachers in social and educational fields

-to improve pupils’ and teachers’ command of English and provide a real context for the learning and use of other European languages represented in the project

-to enhance students’ creativity and imagination, motivation for learning and school performances, in curricular, formal, non-formal and informal contexts

-to facilitate deeper understanding and appreciation of European cultural values